the solutions that we provide to solve your PMO problems


PPM, PMO & Project Delivery Services

Mark has delivered more than $10Billion of Projects in the past 20 Years. He has played all Project Delivery roles across many businesses and customers. He has assisted many organisations recover troubled projects as well as help them identify with the necessary steps to design, manage and execute the same intervention themselves.


Practice & Pragmatic Services

Mark is seen as practical, pragmatic in the way he conducts his work with a particular strength in the area of Customer (Stakeholder Management). To that end the sorts of Project Delivery Services that he is able to provide include the following:

01. Leadership

Executive Leadership in Portfolio/Project Delivery

06. Auditing

Portfolio/Project Audits

05. Advisory

Portfolio/Project Advisory Services

02. Delivery

PM to PD in Project Delivery

03. Planning

Portfolio/Project Planning

04. PMO

PMO Build, with a particular focus on the Enterprise Model


Mark will recover troubled Projects, lead new projects and guide Business Transformation into new levels of delivery.

Their focus is always on the Business “End Game” and what they value as the key Benefits Value (both Qualitative and Quantitative)