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All the services Mark provides are focused on two things

  1. Helping you create an independent team within your organisation
  2. Providing you with the best solution to your challenge regardless of the involvement or otherwise of his services.

Mark does not carry large overheads so he is never under pressure to try to fit your challenges into his skill set.

Projects are managed by Mark Cooper

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Executive Coaching

Independent and confidential sessions designed to provide an unbiased and experienced viewpoint for professionals in high demand positions.
As a leader you must always appear in control and calm. Voicing concerns and challenges in the team environment can create a lack of confidence, nervousness and even a loss of key staff. Mark understands this pressure and can provide an independent unbiased voice and ear so you can reason out your challenges in a safe and confidential environment.

One on One Coaching

Aimed for key contributors who have been trained in core skills other than people management and managers who wish to improve their team management skills.
Many people with technical skills have had little or no training in managing people and you could probably identify people in your workplace right now who fall in to this category. Great potential, a lot of technical skills but unpopular as a leader of people. The advantage of bringing in an independent coach is that the employee will not question the motivation of the coach or bring in other work related issues during these sessions. Mark can provide strong direct coaching that will have a powerful result.

One on One Coaching and Mentoring

Aimed at Junior Executives with promotion potential who need both management skills and the guidance offered by an independent unbiased mentor. In the speed of business these days it is easy to lose younger executives who have great potential but are not developed within simply because of the time required. It is often one of those areas on the “To do list” that does not have instant repercussions when it is not worked on and therefore can be overlooked.
Engaging Mark to work with your Junior Executives will have a dual effect both in improving their skills and also publicly declaring your support and belief in the executives being coached.


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    Stephen Casey

    The Mark Cooper Coaching leadership program exceeded what were very high initial expectations. The program was expertly planned and delivered with a great mix of theoretical and experiential activities.The topics were diverse, provocative and stimulating for the group. As such, their energy and enthusiasm continued to grow from the first day all they way to the end of the program, and despite being very busy in their day jobs, the participants continued to make the time to contribute to their fullest potential with the encouragement and coaching from Mark.A great accolade for Mark Cooper Coaching was the huge number of team members who were actively seeking to be included in the next Leadership Program.

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