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I have an underperforming IT Capability and need to realign the team to gain some significant business performance improvements. What can you do to improve the situation beyond what I am currently doing?

There are a number of key factors that will allow us to provide the result you need.

The first is that we will be detached from the situation and we can provide unbiased reccommendations about the actions needed to improve the team’s perforformance including the staff involved

The second is that Mark will personally oversee your project and he has had over 20 years of experience working in all levels of projects with a multitude of challenges.

The third is that in a large number of cases, challenges that may appear unusual within your organisation are not unusual when viewing the challenge through experiences gained in a broad range of situations involving a large number of industries and personality types.

The fourth is that Mark Cooper Coaching will guarantee they will never take on work that they cannot satisfactorily complete. Again experience also provides the ability to understand what, realistically, can and cannot be done.

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The ever growing pipeline of projects demand processes to optimise the project delivery capability through the PMO. We need skills to develop a scalable operation for better portfolio management how would you help me with that ?

One of the core values of Mark Cooper Coaching is “Empowerment”. Our focus is always to develop your people so that they can independently perform at a higher level and all our work is focused with that aim in mind. Stronger Port Folio Management comes from a stronger team of people who can confidently make the decisions required and convert those decisions into action. Mark Cooper Coaching is focused on showing your people how to make the right decisions and then taking action – the correct action.

We have multiple projects that require tighter controls to ensure they all deliver to the quality, schedule & budget in support of a much larger transformation project how can you help.

This is a core element of keeping a larger transformation project under control and on budget. This is where there is simply no substitute for experience. Team members who have not been through a process of this scale need mentoring and monitoring to ensure that the sum of the whole comes together. You can be assured that our only focus will be on the performance of your team. We will be free of the distraction and pressure you and your team will inevitably be under whilst multitasking its way through the project.

I am about to start the implementation of a Shared Service Capability but I am unsure of the early, high return focus areas

This is a particularly common challenge and is a case of not just “doing things right” but also “doing the right things”. We can analyse your situation and coach your team on the how to set their prioritys and manage the core high return areas.

We need support in the facilitation of the Company Executive/Management Team throughout the annual Business Planning Workshop. The end game objective is clear alignment to the strategy including unequivocal commitment to the Budget and related NPAT

Every organisation has the challenge of focusing on their internal activities whilst also ensuring that their goals and objectives can survive the outside environment. Our facilitation process gives you the opportunity to blend your internal objectives with a multitude of experiences we have observed over the years in many different organisations to allow you to take the best of both worlds and end up with a clear strategy that can survive in a real world sense.

We have an important transformation initiative underway. We need to coach key staff so they can grow through the experience and help “over deliver” to the outcomes.

This again relates to our core value of “Empowerment” so our objective is to create strong, independent decision makers and action takers. We can personally tailor a plan for you that includes an exit strategy for us so you will have the team with the strengths you aimed for.


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    Stephen Casey

    The Mark Cooper Coaching leadership program exceeded what were very high initial expectations. The program was expertly planned and delivered with a great mix of theoretical and experiential activities.The topics were diverse, provocative and stimulating for the group. As such, their energy and enthusiasm continued to grow from the first day all they way to the end of the program, and despite being very busy in their day jobs, the participants continued to make the time to contribute to their fullest potential with the encouragement and coaching from Mark.A great accolade for Mark Cooper Coaching was the huge number of team members who were actively seeking to be included in the next Leadership Program.

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