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25 years experience for your benefit

Mark Cooper (principal) has performed Senior Leadership Roles in more than 30 high profile IT ERP Transformation Projects. His roles have included Project, Program and Portfolio Management.

He has been the General Manager HR Payroll for organisations that were responsible for up to 220,000 employees.

Mark has coached and mentored a broad range of Executives and Senior Managers.

He has worked with Middle to Senior Delivery Managers in Tier 1 – Blue Chip Companies as well as Executive and General Managers in Tier 2 -3 Organizations.

Mark specialises in creating enhanced performance by ensuring scalable practices designed to allow for growth.

Mark is a stakeholder in a number of Australian start-up companies. The techniques he will use with your organisation are the same ones he has used to build these Australian based start ups into Global Enterprises.

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Core Values

Mark’s passion and focus is to give you the best assistance possible at all times regardless of whether he directly gains a benefit from that process.

If you contact Mark for a free initial consultation you can be assured that, above all else, he will provide you with unbiased, accurate information aimed at helping you succeed in your project.


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    Stephen Casey

    The Mark Cooper Coaching leadership program exceeded what were very high initial expectations. The program was expertly planned and delivered with a great mix of theoretical and experiential activities.The topics were diverse, provocative and stimulating for the group. As such, their energy and enthusiasm continued to grow from the first day all they way to the end of the program, and despite being very busy in their day jobs, the participants continued to make the time to contribute to their fullest potential with the encouragement and coaching from Mark.A great accolade for Mark Cooper Coaching was the huge number of team members who were actively seeking to be included in the next Leadership Program.

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